Bohemian Shower Curtain – Lots of Joy

Curtain is not merely a coverage for window or even some stuff in the living room, bedroom even kitchen. Beyond that, window gives accent in the form of color, pattern and even texture. A window with a curtain is much more adorable rather than letting it plain with only glass enclosure. Sometimes kitchen needs no curtain to cover the furniture inside, but the owner keeps to attach it to give different look. Just like the window and kitchen, shower curtain is necessary and bohemian shower curtain is ready to give lots of joy!

Being boho means being brave to apply many colors, and sometimes the bright one is more endearing. Like a corner shower curtain that looks beautiful with ombre yellow and white tone at once. Spending the time after work in the bathroom is appealing, right?

Meaning to give protection to the shower, but its sheer fabric is just undeniable to take it to the bathroom and apply it in the shower. Again, it combines so many colors with plaid pattern that shows truly bohemian style. what do you think guys?

Another idea is too clower to nature with some flower brough onto the design. it covers all garden with some colors together from blue, yellow, and even green, and the flowers must be so RED! With this playful accent, taking a bath should be a mood booster!

Further, a rag curtain is truly boho, right? Aside, it also brings the spirit of eco-friendly by recycling the waste cloth. Although it is made of refined material, the outlook is a top rank!


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