Breakfast Bar in the Kitchen – Thinking Style and Function

Following the current style makes you to fly away from your oldfashion way of thinking. Then, to sit and enjoy the breakfast in the kitchen is not that poor as it was in the past. You know that today’s kitchen is designed perfectly just like other vibes in the house even more. Aside decorating the kitchen wall and floor the best, some occupant also adds a set of breakfast bar in the kitchen for more comfortable early meal. Here you can check several pictures!

In a small kitchen design, you can add the best portion of breakfast nook. Look at how perfect the small white kitchen to deal with a stylish set of bar just after the range of the cabinet. The caramel tone of the wooden top on the cabinetry brings so much awe to the room. In addition, the vintage black round stools serve you the best seating in the morning.

Thinking to have a soft blue kitchen design, then you must plan to have the same tone breakfast bar inside. The picture with a set of lovely blue breakfast bar gives awesome feeling with contrast wooden flooring tone. Thanks to the retro feeling shared!

In a super natural kitchen design with unfinished wooden cabinetry, you can even have bright yellow stools before the breakfast bar. The open plan style makes everything inside the kitchen is as perfect as you wish.

Meanwhile, a set of acrylic stools may become the most awakening seating for your breakfast bar in the kitchen!


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