Simple Guidelines of How to Build A Standing Desk

How to build a standing desk is the question asked some people who need the guidelines of building a standing desk. A standing desk now begins popular. The desk is claimed good for health. Most recent researches’ result show that working in stand position is much healthier than working in seat. Sitting down more often and sitting down in hours can harm the body structure for extended years.

One solution to solve this is by stopping the laziness and moving around once in 30 minutes or an hour. But it is not really effective as we have trapped in comfy seating. The real solution is by using standing desks that now are used in some developed countries such as Germany and Japan. It is a great challenge if you want to build a standing desk by yourself. But, don’t forget to make it based on the guidelines.

Actually, there is a simple way of how to build a standing desk. First, prepare a piece of wood platform (you can use other kind of materials to make your desk top), two kit supporters, some screws, and screw drivers. Second, organize a wood platform in proper height (the ideal height is at or very little lower than your elbow height). Third, install each kit supporter in left and right under the platform. It is better to ask your friend or one of family member to handle the platform in order to keep steady.

Fourth, after installing both kit supporters, give the kits some crews and use the screw driver to strengthened the screws in order to they grab the kits strongly from the wall. Make sure that you have chosen the best kit supporters and screws. Metal kit supporters and metal crews are well recommended to choose. A standing desk in hang desk style has been finished and it is ready to use. Add office properties such as flat screen computer set, scanner, printer, mini audio system unit, a note book, etc on your standing desk. It must be different to enjoy a ‘home-made’ standing desk. You can also try to build other designs of standing desk with other guidelines of how to build a standing desk.


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