Build Your Own Stand Up Desk: The Easiest and Cheapest Way to Get a Comfy and an Adjustable Stand Up Desk by Yourself

Are you tired of working in a sitting position? Some scientists say that working in a sitting position for a long time can cause an awful health problem. Therefore, it is time to change the sitting desk concept of your home office with a stand up desk. Fortunately, you can build your own stand up desk easily, is it interesting?

So, what you need to prepare is your previous office desk and some simple stuff that you can easily find in your house such as a coffee table, books, or your old shoe boxes. After you’ve prepared all the things that you need, it is time to build your own stand up desk. Just look up at the DIY stand up desk which are shown in the pictures bellow and you can figure out that it is very easy to make it up.

First solution is that you just need to put a coffee table or another low wooden desk and locate it on the top of your previous desk. You have to make sure that the table height should be in a line with your elbows so that you can find the snug position for typing by using your keyboard. In addition, you also need to set the monitor in an ideal position with your eyes or sight.

The next solution is that you can use a low table with some shoe boxes to set the monitor and the keyboard in an appropriate position to your body posture. It is very cheap, efficient and easy to perform, just place them up on the top of your previous desk and make some stacks of shoe boxes. Adjust it according to your body height and voila! Your own standing desk is ready to use.


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