Bunch Ideas of Farmhouse Interior Design with Clean & Modern Twist

modern farmhouse living room black leather sofa with white throw pillows white shag rug dark wood floors a pair of twin side tables with round top creative pendant Home Bunch

Modern farmhouse is now becoming one of home design trends that successfully attract people who really love the farmhouse design with modern twist. The style offers not only a new look but also the comfort exactly needed the most. The remodel home also provides casual, stylish, clean, and inviting space.

Modern farmhouse commonly emphasizes on the use of neutral palettes which are paired with light, bright, and even deeply dark ones to create a high & sharp contrast. It begins with white, beige, cream, light gray, silver, and wood color. The salvaged pieces can be possible as they visualize aged, torn, and scratched objects for shabbier yet cooler space. Get more ideas of modern farmhouse below and be ready to get much of inspiration.

In obvious way, this hallway provides sufficiently large in space and it has wood pallet walls in both sides. The main entrance is left in wood color, so it ultimately wants to expose the natural element. With elegantly white door curtains, the entrance looks dramatically interesting and seems massively matched with the whole interior. Here, the designer puts something distinctive to add a beautiful contrast; the series of light fixtures that showcase accented black wrought iron structures. Fantastic!

Black gives an industrial effect in this entrance. It beautifully displays high contrast that accentuates the exterior. A pair of potted houseplants adds freshly green focal points to this space. Don’t forget about the door mat. It functionally helps you to increase the value of exterior performance.

This is one of the most inviting spots. It exposes the original farmhouse facade featuring rustic & industrial touches. Monochromatic area rug directly gives textural patterns that visually fit the whole interior’s tone. Black leather furnishings of course enhance the modern appeal without forgetting the natural look.

Michaela also sets the outdoor dining space to provide a bigger party. She loves using metal finishing to catch up the industrial style and grows up beautiful green plants on her custom pots. To make the space off from uncluttered things, Michaela chooses arranging the pots on wall-racks rather than in-ground pots. And have a look at the light fixture; it’s simply hanging from the ceiling, making a statement, especially for those textured ceilings.

Exposed wood beams on ceilings help to enlarge the ceiling height and add rustic feature in upper space. Another tricky way to make the ceilings visually higher is the taller kitchen cabinets. I love the hanging rack and stools; they contribute in creating a modern industrial appearance.

Create a happy spot in your outdoor space. You can put the focal point in your base of front porch like these striking tiles. The tiles are painted and use geometrical pattern and pop of color to create an accent. Remember to furnish the space with plain and light furnishings to keep the floors all out.

Bright white and fresh blue cause the country-style bursts well. Infuse these color schemes into home and use some antique plates, linens, and potteries as the complementary accessories.

To keep the green wall obvious, the designer adds the twin antique beds set symmetrically in both sides and place a vintage rug as the centerpiece.

A simple yet beautiful living room idea with black and white primary palettes. I love all furnishings and their complementary accessories. Overall, this living room is a bit formal but keeps clean and stylish.

A superb idea to add an aged wood bench as the one and only wood element in light, bright, and clean-look bathroom interior. It’s becoming a focal point.

industrial bathroom design with modern touch claw foot bathtub white subway tiles walls black hexagon tiles floors recessed shelf with monochromatic hexagon highlights wooden side table potted gr

Coastal Living

Or highlight your bathroom with greenery. It stands out the space with its natural green. Industrial style appears obviously by industrial tiles.

To get a modern look, you can keep your laundry room clean and just add a few numbers of light wood pieces to add a bit modern rustic.

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