Butcher Block Coffee Table: Unique Focal Point for A Living Room

Butcher block coffee table recently appears in home improvement. Previously, butcher blocks are only discovered in the kitchen. They are used as the cutting board for cutting meat, fish, and seafood. Several years later, the use of butcher blocks is expanded. They are installed as the kitchen countertop. Today, many homeowners apply the wood as the top/ countertop of their kitchen.

Surprisingly, many furniture manufacturers use heavy and solid wood as the main material of butcher block coffee table. This is great idea because it offers different look for your living room. This table is very unique so it can be focal point for the room. Butcher block coffee tables are constructed in many variants of style: simple minimalist, rustic, classic/ traditional, and modern styles. Cedar and Oak becomes two major materials of butcher block tables for living room. Both are best quality materials which offer best durability.

Viewed from detail designs, you may find various butchers block coffee table in furniture outlets. Low-legs, high-legs, wide, medium-size, and narrow surfaces are available there. The finishing of the tables comes with two kinds: staining or painting as the coat. The size of butcher block coffee tables commonly still has clear streamline and original texture. They let you feel the warmth only through a piece of wood table.

To see more references of butcher block coffee table, here we display the latest designs of butcher block coffee table for coloring your living room.

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