Buying Guide of IKEA Baby Cribs

IKEA baby cribs are just few baby furniture units needed when the newborn comes to the world. A crib is chosen as safe and cozy bed for a newborn. This kind of baby furniture is multi-functional. It can be used as a bedside bed for your little baby. This idea lets you free to reach and to nurture your baby when you’re lying in your bed.

To ensure that you have chosen the best IKEA baby cribs, just follow several simple crib buying guides. First, comfort and safety are the main priorities when you’re selecting and buying a baby crib. Be sure that the chosen baby crib has been tested about the durability, comfort, and safety. You can ask the information in more details about the standard of quality and safety to the baby crib sellers. Also, ask more about the crib mattress and structure to them.

Buy a new baby crib, not a second-hand or used baby crib. The older model may not meet the most current safety standard. A used baby crib has a risk of hidden dangers, such as slats, drop sides, or hardware sets may be weakened. One more thing you should not be missed is about the size of crib. You can use a ruler to measure up the space of crib. This is really important to accommodate your baby’s body. More importantly, check the edges (are they too sharp?). Check also the screws, corner posts, nuts, decorative knobs, and other elements which can potentially catch the baby’s cloth.

Next, buy crib mattress and proper sheet for your new baby crib. Check and pair the mattress plus sheet and crib to make sure that they fit each other. About the types, you have several choices to choose. The types are economy cribs, mid-priced cribs, high-end cribs, and portable cribs. Each type has been completed with particular features, such as drop gate, drop side, sides and railings, wheels or casters, teething rails, and bottom drawer. Well, to make you clearer about the baby cribs, we have shared the newest designs of baby cribs in our gallery. Most of them are taken from the newest designs of IKEA baby cribs. Let’s check them out.


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