Canopy with Curtains or Nets, The Elements Obviously Make Any Bedrooms as Luxurious as Princess’s on Fairy Tales

wooden bed frame with canopy and white net Pinterest

Need something to make your bedroom feels cozy and romantic? Bed canopy with net addition maybe the best option for this. This element can elevate your bedroom quality. It’s one of instant ideas to add luxury and elegance to any bedrooms. It works better if you also consider the best bedding treatment and mattress choice for your bedroom. Net, as the additional element, also offers an important role. It’s effective to keeps the mosquitoes and other insects out. It’s also quite decorative for any styles of bedroom. Well, here I’d share ten best inspirations of bed canopy with net ideas to you. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you and be adopted in your next bedroom remodeling projects. Join with us right now.

Bed canopy with net addition looks great for every kid’s room or playroom. It creates a cute and visually adds a princess’s bed-like setup. Finish in mustard, both canopy and net have become the most stunning pieces in this kid’s bedroom.

Very cute, a kid’s bedroom idea with pink canopy and lace net. All elements in this bedroom are set for classic look. The lace here looks so elegant and breathable, making the user feels comfortable when sleeping or just relaxing in the bed.

Feel so fresh in mint. The bed canopy and net here tend to be the most stunning pieces in this kid’s bedroom and it’s successful to make us impressed with that. Big crochet throw blanket and round-shape rug also offer other statements in this room.

What a great option! A bed canopy plus net in soft blue. It’s comfortable and breathable, matching for any styles of kids’ bedrooms and playrooms. Simply made from best cotton, the net’s texture is gentle yet durable. The color is also warm and soft, not too dazzling, so it’s perfect to accompany your kids when sleeping in their own room.

This bed canopy idea sends you an imagination of being a princess in fairy tale. It always offers a romantic look. Its crisp white net makes the bed frame looks dramatically beautiful. The wood element here obviously adds a contrast that keeps the space feels warm and homey.

It’s a fact that a bed canopy and net are preferred to afford the luxurious look of bed frame, and they’re commonly customized and special. Now you can get an airy-feel bed setup plus elegance created simply by such a beautiful white lace net. The net looks great after being collaborated with naturally dark wood bed frame. I also love the earthy color shade exposed by the tiled floors. They’re cool and visually work with the whole pieces of furniture in this bedroom.

So gorgeous. The bed canopy and net here are just the decorative items. They are DIY products and visually fit the bedroom. Look at the canopy, it’s made from bamboos hung from ceilings. The homeowner just adds thin and semi-transparent linen pinned up to each bamboo, producing a dramatic statement in this sleeping space.

daybed with canopy and princess curtain


Different with previous ideas, this one is special for daybed decor lovers. It’s always great to add something unique and beautiful to any furniture sets, including your daybeds; and this one I’ve picked for you: a daybed with princess curtain decoration. It looks classic yet beautiful. Both canopy and curtains give special character to this small sitting area. Carved wood frame-wall mirror at the back also adds a classic touch.

I really like all elements in this bedroom. They’re so fantastic, and a bamboo canopy and its linens are standout among other pieces. These elements give a Boho touch like the dream-catcher does.

Tent or canopy made from solid wood often becomes the best option for DIY and cheap bed remodeling project and this is potentially picked by many people who need a low budget yet showy project result. It’s also a great idea to put something decorative like these string lamps installed over the bed. The shining lamps of course will make the bed sparkling yet warming. The string lamps are also becoming the most favorite accents for modern-simple boho flare.

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