Cashmere White Granite for Countertop and Kitchen Island

Cashmere white granite becomes the most perfect and desired granite type by the homeowners. It originally comes from India. The reasons why Kashmir white granite becomes so popular in the world are first, it has beautiful look for any kinds of installations (countertops, kitchen islands, wall systems, flooring system, top table, etc), second, it has wide ranges of prices. This granite type offers you light shade of color.

Cashmere white granite is also popular as several names such as Kashmir white granite, Cashmire white granite, and Blanco Kashmere white granite. All is similar. Most homeowners use white Cashmere granite type as the best material for countertops. This choice is very perfect because it will give special look and extra luxury for the kitchen. The similar effect can also be found at any rooms which have been installed such kind of granite.

Actually, Cashmere white granite is not true granite, people accept it as one because it has similar characteristics with true granite. It is the lightest kind of granite material available in the markets. It is stronger than marbles but much less in porosity. That’s why many people love it and choose it as the best material for countertops, flooring, top of vanity, kitchen island, and staircases.

High class look and extra aesthetic value become other factors why Kashmir white granite is regarded as one of most luxurious materials for home interior. The colors vary from very pale grey to dark grey shade. A very pale shade is often called as white Cashmere granite because it looks white as dominant color. You may be interested in other colors such as brown, berry color, and black.


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