Cat Litter Box Ideas

Cat is cute and funny animal. Everyone loves cat. True cat lover may have more than three cats at their home. Having pet inside your home is not only about animal, but it is also about adding another family member. Pet must be treated nicely, start from the food, your attention, until the litter box. Litter box is very useful for you and your cat. It teaches your cat how to live in order, and also easy for you to clean it up.

You don’t have to buy your cat litter box. Nowadays, cat litter box ideas come with tips about how to make your own cat litter box, so it is kind of do-it-yourself or DIY project design for your cat. First of all is surely preparing the material. Buy storage tub as big as possible for your cat, so it can sit inside it nicely. Then don’t forget about the sand and the equipment to clean it. Cut your storage tub properly as you need, make awesome hole for your cat so it can enter and out of the tub easily.

Put the sand inside the storage tub. You can use the storage tub cap or not, but it is better to use it so you can avoid the bad smell. After you make it, the next important thing to do is placing it. If you still want to put your cat litter box inside your home, then it is better to hide it. Yes, you can put your cat litter box inside cabinet. It looks like furniture, but actually it is a place for cat litter box, great idea to hide it.

If you don’t want to use cabinet, it is better to put your cat litter box near your home outdoor. It will make your cat find its litter box easily when they play around the outside home.


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