Wood Light Fixtures: Must Have-Collection Needs to Save in Your Wishlist

industrial desk lamp with wood frame and metallic headlamp

As the recycled and eco-friendly materials, wood is always popular and becoming the best alternative used by most home designers and architects to build any kinds of signature works. Wood has character naturally brought by its color, texture, pattern, and


10 Best Crochet Accessories To Pop Up Your Home

round shaped crochet rug in baby pink decorated with half way flower edges midcentury modern armchair in soft blue ornate crochet basket

Need to update your home in an instant way? Crochet accessories maybe the best answer. There are so many options of crochet accessories you can pick to style and to make your home feels homey. Through the texture and color,


Ten Best Ideas of Light Fixtures with Wool-Knitted Lampshade Cover

vintage pendant by Ikea with olive green knitted lampshade

It’s always fun when we talk about all things we love. About the home design and accessories, for instance, they give us so many ideas and references of how they could significantly elevate our home to the stylish and cool


10 Impressive Indoor Garden Ideas That Can Bring Huge Impact To Your Home

greenery rack idea made of ex leaning ladder white planters with greenery

It sounds great if you have an indoor garden that beautifully garnishes your home. There are so many options of indoor garden ideas you can adopt and they come in huge various sizes, plant kinds you want to grow, tips


Make Your Next Halloween Special and Impressing Only With These 10 Best Halloween Table Runner Ideas

Halloween table runner in orange with cutest black spiders

It’s always fun when talking about Halloween. You’ll be so excited to prepare all things to welcome the next Halloween. There are so many things need to be prepared perfectly starting from fun treat or trick game to Halloween decorations,


Bathe Your Home with Warm & Comfy Light Effect Run Through These Fancy Lamps

ultra modern table lamp with two magnetic balls as the switchers and balance makers

Still talking about the lighting, there are so many kinds of lighting for homes and all is unique. Some of them are fancy, can make everyone seeing them get impressed. The design, color, or even the detail options are the


10 Most Stylish Moroccan Lamp Ideas For A Bit Of Ottoman Charms

Moroccan table lamp idea with colored mosaic glass lampshade and antique look metal stand and holders

Still sharing about the charms of sophisticated lighting, and today we move on Moroccan lighting ideas that definitely will give you more references of state-maker to your home. Moroccan lighting products have distinctive characteristics like hand-pierced metal covers, typical patterns,


Floral-Do Ideas For A Chic Scandinavian Style

small balcony hanging potted greenery with curtains as the dramatic background light tone vintage rug egg shaped wicker chair white throw pillow

Nothing’s more interesting than a combination of Scandinavian, minimalism, and less portion of Bohemian for homes. The idea seems to be a mood changer especially for those with needs of positive atmosphere that effectively can give positive vibes, too. And


Genius Way To Re-Decorate Your Small House With These Inspiring Ideas

small bathroom design with rustic touch bathtub small wood bench small side table rustic window blinds

It’s true that it’s hard to find room for all your stuffs. It would be more challenging when you’re living in a small apartment where most rooms are limited in space; but with these inspiring room decorating ideas, you’ll get


Wall Decors You Need to Try at Home for Arty & Crafty Look

wood disk wall accent

Everyone must love beauty of art and you can actually find it in your home. Sometimes you aren’t aware of beauty existed in your house, in fact some interior pieces including something on your walls like decorative mirrors, carvings, paintings,