Astounding Loft Renovation from What Used to be a Caviar Warehouse

An old and unoccupied 1884 caviar warehouse gains its new functions as a spectacular loft after having huge renovation. The renovation was done by an architect, Andrew Franz, which exquisitely renovates a warehouse into such habitable living space. The caviar warehouse was built in 1884 in Manhattan area, Tribeca North. With sizable extent, around 3000 square feet floor and roof, this open space loft was the visualization of the architect to maintain strong bound with the surrounding environment.

In every aspect, this mesmerizing loft comes up with the industrial atmosphere as the architect insists to showcase the authenticity of the warehouse, no wonder that each room has brick-dominated wall alongside with the metal and wooden elements. While in the main room, open-space style integrates the dining room, kitchen, as well as the living room, maintaining special connection for the occupants. Not only that, what blows the mind away is the presence of the open roof with green garden to enjoy sunbathing or chilling with the open air. The green rooftop is connected to another open enclosed by glass wall, enabling natural light to radiate the space under. Not only that, the breeze can naturally circulate into the loft from the roof adding chill and cozy vibe.

Despite the origin utility as a warehouse, this astounding loft is an exemplary style of urban design meets industrial spirit in sensational integration. It offers stylish as well as comfortable space for modern individuals who long for snug loft.


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