Cherry Wood Headboard: Best Furniture for Vintage Lover

Wood is the most natural material that is often used to make some furniture that is widely used in our house. wood isthe most generous thing in our life that will never bother the environment, and I could tell that wood is taken from nature for human and friendly to the earth. There is nothing bad about wood. Fortunately, here I will show you several gorgeous cherry wood headboard idea that are great to color your bedding set!

The first cherry wood headboard shows its old rustic appeal in the most stylish look. It is perfect carved with classic pattern with arched shape as well. Combined to a pure white bedding idea, this is just gorgeous and worth to buy!

Another design is likely to tempt the owner with unique and artistic design. it is proudly designed from cherry wood paddle to shape the headboard. To fit the vintage style brought into the bedroom, soft blue and gray are the chosen color poured to the design.

If you love art, so you will be familiar to what is so called cane! Yeah, it is a traditional crafting idea that mostly used to craft bamboo. Here, the design is applied perfectly on the cherry wood headboard idea. it looks so natural and heartbreaking with cone tips on each stand!

Further, a long rustic cherry wood headboard looks fascinating to extend to be the canopy as well. It is just amazing to sleep beneath this awesome design of old styled headboard on the white bedding!


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