Point Out Your Best Choice Between Chest of Drawer vs Dresser to Set Your Greatest Interior Ever

Storage. It is the main stuff that you must have in every interior. It is helpful to give tidy and clean look in your house. Loading everything is impossible without a storage. However, it is not every storage design meets your style and interior theme. That is the reason why you have to choose the greatest one. For instance, which one you are prefer to between chest of drawer and dresser?

Hi rustic lover! Here I come with super natural and rustic wooden chest of drawer! It comes with very elegant design with only three long drawers. Thanks to the pink box added on its top aside the vas to give gorgeous outlook.

Further, a bohemian lover must love this stunning mix of wooden cut chest of drawer. Yeah, this design is proudly made of various color and size of wooden board. It comes with several bicycles too on its top. Sure, it is able to bring you back enjoying the joy of classical appeal!

In addition, a modern urban dresser will satisfy you with awesome clothes drawer design. It shapes the tone of t-shirt, short, even shock for creative storage look! Added with small potted plant, it is ready to fill your hallway with sophistication!

Then, if you do love minimalist appeal, I would like to offer you a super minimalist brown wooden chest of drawer. It comes with six drawers at once with invisible handles to open the storage. Anyway, thanks to the white ceramic designs added on its top aside the milky shaped table lamp! Out of the design, the brick wall accent is the thing I love the most!

Reference: www.houzz.com

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