Chevron Runner Rug Ideas


It is easy to find much large rug with awesome and stylish design, but you may not find cool small rug design style. Small rug with long shape is most rug type that people often look for their home entrance, their kitchen, or even their home stairs. This kind of rug must be simple but also dress up your home floor. Chevron rug is nice rug with pretty zig zag pattern, with its long shape, you can bring its comfort into your home interior design.

Your home balcony needs this kind of rug, especially if you want to enjoy feel of autumn but still want to have warm feet when you step on your balcony floor. Chevron runner rug can be used not only for your indoor of home, but also outdoor. Gazebo is perfect place to have chevron rug. It is quite simple to move chevron rug from one room to other room because of its slim size and shape, one nice advantage that you can get from it.

Before choosing its striped or zig zag pattern and color, you need to find best material for it. Chevron rug should have nice durability, washable, and resistant ability. If you want to get thicker chevron rug, then you can choose fur type of it. Next is about color.

Chevron rug may have two or three color combination on its zig zag pattern design. Two color combinations like white and black is suitable for your simple room, lovely decoration for your room floor.

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