Tips for Best Way to Clean Tile Grout

Aside of choosing best type of cleaner, using correct methods to remove the stains is also crucial in cleaning tile grout. The best way to clean tile grout by maximizing dirt and grime removed is to apply solution and let it soak and work for enough time before scrubbing it off. The following are step by step tips to do it properly for the best result.

Wipe the tiles by using dry mop or cloth prior to the cleaning job. This is meant to eliminate accumulated dust which will allows you to have better access to the grout. The next step will be applying the solution you choose to the grout. Make sure to cover all areas well. Since it way soak in you need to sometimes keep applying it several times. Leave it for around 30 minutes to give enough time for the cleaner to release the stains which will make it easier to lift them off. Furthermore scrub the tile grout cleanly by using a hard-bristled brush you can find at stores. Or else you can actually use old toothbrush. After that using clean water, rinse the tile then get it dry. You may need to repeat the job for deeply stained grout.

In terms of best cleaner for tile grout, some people prefer bleach products and claim they work more effectively. But they are not recommended for black or color grouts. Following label instruction is always highly recommended. Another best way to clean tile grout is using homemade tile cleaner. You simply need baking soda and vinegar. Acids element in vinegar and whitening properties of baking soda will work well cleaning the tile grout. Just apply the thick paste from these two products’ mixture and follow the same cleaning guidelines above for great result with inexpensive cost.


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