Clever Storage Alternatives You Won’t Skip for Home

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It’s the fact that it’s hard to manage all things in a tiny home. We should be clever to look for the best solution how to make those things well-stored and managed in order to make the spaces of home interiors & exteriors look uncluttered. Actually, there are best solutions for such matter and we want to share them for you. Hopefully, these clever ideas of storage solutions will be helpful for your next home project. Join with us to see each idea in more details.

Keep your tiny bedroom organized with this genius trick. This storage solution looks like a magical box that can accommodate your things like books, ornate boxes, baskets, and even the displayed ornaments. Each unit serves minimalist look and a perfect symmetry. The color choice, in addition, is also perfect. Its dark finish has made a beautiful contrast.

Optimize the area nearest your refrigerator for the alternative storage space. Add the area a closet and the cabinets for cleaning tools and cleaning liquid products. This would be a great idea as it’s practical and won’t take much kitchen’s space.

small bedroom idea with tiny bedside table wall mounted tiny and lightweight chair for additional storage solution suitcase side table mounted on wall


What a creative storage solution. Made of tiny & super-lightweight chair, the storage can be a unique storage unit for any things including your books. A small suitcase is also added right beside the chair for additional as well as ornate ‘side table’.

So inspiring, this idea will make you easier how to find your pens and pencils. This is a practical way to get more fun only with such a colorful pen storage solution.

Simple yet creative. This idea uses a repurposed item as a clever storage solution particularly for notes, letters, or even documents. This window shutter , for instance, is the most unique alternative for organizing and sticking the notes into it. This idea sounds crazy but it’s antimainstream.

Still about the optimization of repurposed item. This one is a recycled wood door panel amazingly transformed into a functional and unique shelving unit. I really like the tone exposing a blue-washed finish. It looks like a shabby rack yet keeps stunning. Each section has been supported with wood shelf for books or everything stored inside. Creative!

Visiting this study room is a big pleasure because I see what a cozy the place is. Supported with tiny chair and a compact table & shelves, the room provides a functional space to study without taking much space, really recommended for all tiny homes.

corner wood display shelving unit


It’s genius! Spice the corner wall up with such a beautiful display shelving unit. The designer keeps exposing the wood tone & texture for natural look. The shelves are visually ornate, too.

How many ideas of storage alternative under the staircase? This one is just one of the best recommendations for you. Designed in recessed version, each shelf can effectively save the space. The shelves are available for any things to store including your books, medical supplies, or even ornate items.

So creative, reusing old furniture piece like these old chairs as a double-functional piece of furniture. The double-functional here means the chairs are more than the chairs, but it’s possible for us to put and to organize the books or magazines onto a ‘pocket’ behind the chairs.

Pill Wall Desk – an innovation that displays ultra-modern style with clean line and simple look. The design is inspired by an intersection of three styles: Europe, Northern Scandinavian, and Russian. Visually, the furniture is stylish and multifunctional, offering a compact-design workspace.

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