Clever Way to Update Your Home only with These Anthropologie’s Furniture Products

handcarved Albaron bed frame with Moroccan inspired motif headboard and footboard Pinterest

One of the instant ways to elevate your home interiors aesthetically is by updating the furniture that will transform the spaces into the cozy and homey ones. There are so many options of home-lining products you can choose and Anthropologie is just one of the most recommended ones. Why Anthropologie? Anthropologie, one of the largest world brands in home products, provides a wide range of home products including the furniture, tableware, kitchenware, and many more. Join us to see more products and be ready to get the updated home.

This is unique as the used cloth is originally from Africa. The mud cloth, African gives it a name, is made of the fermented mud. The resulted color is dark brown but here Anthropologie blends it with some bold-c0lored patterns for modern and playful look.

An accent chair with vividly bold color and floral prints. It brings a spring feel where you can see a lot of blooms everywhere. Really recommended for a tropical touch.

accent chairs by Anthropologie with colorful velvet upholstery and brass legs


The chair is full of elegance. It features colorful velvet upholstery and brass legs, reminding us about a classic Italian style.

Vibrant and fresh are obviously brought by floral prints on the chairs’ upholsteries. This, of course, adds the aesthetics of nature to any space.

The direct accent is also brought by the bold-colored abstract prints on chair’s upholstery. Actually, the prints are Moroccan-inspired motifs, this is the reason why they go well with the earthy tone.

What an artsy chair, supported with oak frame, the chair is uniquely different with other common leather chairs. Some leather belts are arranged and used as the upholstery.

Very classic. The bed exposes the details of shaped rattan particularly the headboard. Its raised curve shape reminds us about the granny’s bed.

This is Albaron bed, Anthropologie’s new arrival. The whole frame of bed is handcarved wooden. All motifs are inspired by traditional Moroccan art that’s easily found in the headboard and footboard.

Unlike previous product, this bed has different shape of headboard. The headboard’s shape is more familiar: the blooming Lotus. The complicated carving shape of course will be a direct interest and potentially be a statement of room.

Inspired by Louis XV’s bed, Menara bed looks so classic with the foliate and curve details. Made from the best acacia, the bed offers the durability and style.

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