Nice and Elegant Cobalt Blue Drinking Glasses

Are you looking for cobalt blue drinking glasses, cobalt blue wine glasses, or cobalt blue iced tea glasses? Then, you may love some of cobalt blue glassware here. They are nice and elegant cobalt blue and you can get them from Amazon or Etsy. Some of them are Bormioli Rocco Murano 9-Ounce Cobalt Blue Beverage Glass, Mosser Glass Arlington Style Goblet Set in Cobalt, Hand-blown Marine Drinking Glasses, and ‘Reaching Branches’ Hand Engraved Cobalt Blue Tumbler Drinking Glasses.

The first set is designed by Bormioli, renowned glass makers. It features with blue swirls with secure grip and set of 4 glasses. It also has 9-ounce capacity with 4” deep and 3.5” wide. Besides, it has a distinct and artistic appearance. You can give these glasses as present for any occasion. The second is goblet set designed by Mosser Glass. This drinking glass features with 4 pieces with the classic Arlington style and goblet design. The next is Hand-blown Marine Drinking Glasses. It is a handmade in Mexico with set of 6 glasses. The pitcher is not included in this set.

Another is ‘Reaching Branches’ Cobalt Blue. It is hand engraved with a high-speed rotary tool and diamond burrs. It is also nice and elegant glasses, which can be used as great gifts or birthday, camping, wedding, and outdoor celebrations. It is perfect as candle holders, too. Besides, it is very safe because there are no acids, chemicals, and sand blasting when creates the engravings.

Here are some pictures related to nice and elegant cobalt blue drinking glasses.


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