Command Strips for Pictures

Decorating room wall can be done by anything, for example painting, sticking wallpaper, or hanging some artistic pictures. If you want to have simple decorating to do, you can put some pictures to your room wall as room accessories. Using pictures is most people do for their room wall, but there is also an effect if you hang your pictures with nail, your wall will get some marks.

Hanging a frame or pictures sometimes leaves some marks to the wall. Surely, mark because of hanging frame will look awful. It will not look good anymore to see your room wall with many holes. You need amazing solution to hang frames or pictures without making some damages on your wall. One of cool idea to hang accessories to your room wall is using command strips.

Command strips for pictures are double side of foam tape to stick your frame or pictures to your wall. It is different from any tape that you use, it is stronger enough to put any things to wall. It is also very easy to use them. First, measure the spot area for hanging frame on your wall and on its frame. Put command strips on both of them.

Command strips can be removed easily. Just pull the strips slowly, it won’t damage your beautiful wall. Don’t waste your money for recovering your wall because of frame or pictures mark. See how you can treat your wall nicely. Clearly, command strips are not strong enough as nail, but it will be good if you use it to maintenance your wall too.

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