Compact Home Design – Unique Retreat with Narrow Space

What will you do if you only have narrow space but you need a comfortable dwelling to stay at?yeah, to rent an apartment is getting more and more expensive each day, and now you have lots bundle of necessary that you must fulfill. If it the case, no matter what you need to build your own home. Yeah, a small compact home design that will be capable to live with others inside. If you are wondering about the designs, below will be the perfect source for you!

Having a unique small compact home design must be appealing to enjoy the next spring. You can build your own home like the small yellow home design in the picture. it is compact with extended outdoor living space that opens the access to enjoy the small garden before the house. I think the outdoor living space is suitable for any activities like fool around, breakfast, lunch and even dinner!

Another interior design of a compact home design is made with futuristic style. the wooden panel wall siding curves directly to the floor, and it causes the absence of the cone molding in the bottom side. With united table to the wall, it should be that convertible design that is preferrable to cook, eat and even hang out.

The next compact home design gives you the most sophisticated idea with hovering retreat idea. have you seen it before? Yeah, this house hovers above a swimming pool. Therefore, it is not only stylish but also space saving idea!


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