Creative Concept of Loft Bed with Desk

If you do not like to have such a common bed design, you may choose the other bed design called loft bed. What is loft bed? Loft bed is a bed with double bed concept up and down bed, or single bed which is place on the top, so you need to climb the stair to get on it. In this case, the writer will talk about loft bed with desk design. This loft bed kind is very special, and the writer hopes that this article can help to have one like that.

Let us getting started with the first loft bed with desk which has nice wooden concept. This loft bed is totally made of wood and being painted in dark brown.You can see in the picture where the loft bed has double bed up and down bed frame with simple desk with a chair. the other loft bed has single bed concept which is put on the top, while under the bed it is a bookshelf with small chair and desk and cabinet. This loft bed has white coloring choice with modern design anyway.

You might like to have loft bed with face to face chair like a sofa design. This loft bed has single bed as before with nice simple desk under it with two face to face chairs. Although, it looks so crowded, but it is still the best concept for kids. The other loft bed has classic design which is made of hard wood with original wood color. This single loft bed has nice simple desk with chair, moreover, it is engaged with the cabinet and some storage.

Perhaps, you prefer the modern loft bed. There is a modern loft bed with nice concept design. This loft bed has double bed design and has nice adorable desk with long size. Using green lime coloring, this loft bed looks so fresh and natural. This is the best loft bed that the writer wants to have.


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