Concrete Backsplash Ideas for Kitchens

Concrete backsplash is quite unique. It is totally different to other kinds of backsplash that usually give special accent for the kitchens. Concrete offers plain appearance for the backsplash, but it allows you to apply any types of countertops and other parts of kitchen sets. Another point plus of concrete backsplash is that it matches rustic-look kitchen set. It looks so cohesive when the concrete backsplash is combined with tiles or mosaic countertops. Other countertop types that suit such plain concrete backsplash are multiple colors glass tiles, acrylic, granite, marble, and so on.

Concrete backsplash is flexible to shape. You’re free to select the shape based on your personal style. Not only that, concrete backsplash is perfect choice for you who are looking for something traditional in your kitchen. Yet, you can optimizing its beauty by mix and match other decorative kitchen parts such as kitchen counter, cabinet systems, and kitchen appliances.

Moreover, there are some reasons why you should consider this concrete backsplash to your kitchen. First, concrete backsplash is originally beautiful. Most homeowners select stained or pigmented concrete backsplash since they look more attractive than other type of concrete backsplashes. With pigment, you can have the shades you want. Different to pigment, the stain existing on concrete backsplash offers you the new backsplash that looks like a granite backsplash or other natural-stones backsplashes.

Second, texture of concrete backsplash gives special look, uniqueness, and additional beauty of finishing concrete backsplash products. The art value is obtained when you add other tiles, such as shells, natural stones, glass, etc that support its durability and function. We all know that concrete material is tough and hard. It suits any busy activities in the kitchen. It won’t scratch and heat resistant, so there is no reason for you to be worried about. Concrete is also best choice for kitchen where many hot and sharp items are commonly used.


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