Various Concept of Concrete Planter Boxes for Home Exterior Design

You have a hobby to collect some nice plants, so you must need some planter boxes to grow your plants. There are so many planter boxer that can be applied anyway, but in this case you have to have such a concrete planter boxes for outdoor plants. In this special post, the writer would like to share to you about some design of concrete planter boxes which are mostly used outside of the house.

When you want to plant such a grass, you must need a medium size of concrete planter box. This planter box has tough material and quite thick. You can see in the picture there is a medium planter box with green plant. This box also has four wheels, so this box is actually portable and can be moved. You must need a spigot as well on the outside wall to throw the water from the box. Instead of square shape, there is other concrete planter box which uses round shape concept. This shape is like a cup with big design.

You can see in the picture, there is a wonderful concrete planter box with brown coloring for flower plant. This concept of planter box with round shape is perfect for classic home decoration. Where can you put this planter box? You can put this planter box at your private garden, you can have some planter boxes to decorate your garden anyway.

This concrete planter box is also good for office exterior decoration. This planter box will be perfect and makes the outside of the office look so modern and fresh. You just need to adjust the size whether you prefer the big one of the small one. It depends on how big is your plant that you want to grow. This planter box is more long lasting rather than the wood box.


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