Contemporary Interior Ideas You Can Actually Try for Your Home

clean and warm bathroom soft toned bathtub light wood plank floors floating wood bench gloss subway tile walls in white off white draperies Pinterest

Do you like minimalist and contemporary look to your home? Here we want to share ten coolest interiors of home designed in a contemporary and minimalist style. All designs are taken from inspiring Pinterest. Hopefully, these designs will give you new inspirations for your next home decorating projects.

Black and white fill this bedroom, creating a contrasting yet minimal look. The light fixture becomes the most interesting one as it, in obvious way, expresses the real contemporary design. The light fixture also adds a bit of modern industrial touch to this room.

Elegant and simple. The chairs are perfectly made of solid wood. Look at the whole surface; feels so smooth due to the finest manufacturing process. The design also meets the characterization of contemporary style that relatively closes to simple, minimalist, and stylish.

Sometimes inserting the organic materials like wood is the best solution to add a natural touch to a contemporary interior like in this contemporary bedroom. More interestingly, the designer intends to expose a worn out wooden closet and pendant for antique visual effect. This is an instant way to grab a textural and earthy tone in such a contemporary bedroom.

Minimalist daybed in Scandinavian style. This is the perfect option for simple Scandinavian home design and this furniture set can instantly be an extra bed or seat in a living room. What practical!

Create an informal living room only with a set of floor cushion and several throw pillows. Complete this seating area with a flat woven rug for textured floor treatment and add a couple of small stools for decorative as well as functional pieces to the room. This is a great idea for a more relaxing vibe in the living room.

contemporary bedroom design minimalist bed frame with metal canopy striped area rug stunning pendant houseplant


Bed frame with wood canopy – this is a great idea to mix a contemporary style with classic. Overall, the beds are simple yet charming with the canopies. We don’t see an overload bed here; there is no throw pillow, really defining a minimalist contemporary design.

Scandinavian living room modern white sofa with additional chaise white area rug with black line accents and fringed trims wicker pouf pendant with oversized wicker lampshade


Really fall in love with this Scandinavian living room. Dominated in white, the room tends to be clean-look, but the designer adds some wicker pieces such as a wicker pouf and lampshade for a texture and wood color addition.

Very clean yet classic. The use of a clear glass panel framed with black metal brings a modern touch, but the tile installation keeps the space old-fashioned and classic.

Feel so comfy, coated in wood finishing, this contemporary bathroom looks warm, infusing serenity that automatically brings a relaxing vibe to the whole room. I love white and light wood hues in this room, feeling pretty minimal, calm, warm, and natural.

What a fancy bathtub! The bathtub obviously highlights the natural patterns commonly found in the natural stones or wooden. The tone, in addition, is closely similar to the light wood element that’s soft, clean, and warm. The space feels more dramatic only with the off-white draperies that exactly meet the existing room’s tones. Perfect!

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