Contemporary Paint Colors: Tips How to Make Them Simple but Sophisticated

Contemporary or modern home designs help you to create clean and well-organized style home. The colors and symmetrical essences become two main components of creating harmony in design. These components also provide pure, simple, and minimal appearance. Incorrect color choices can potentially ruin modern appearance. That’s why you should be sensitive in selecting correct color schemes based on contemporary color criterion.

Contemporary paint colors, for instance, are included as basic color in a contemporary home design. This part will determine other interior/ exterior features, such as furnishing, furniture color, interior/ exterior decoration, and even lighting. Related to color use, most people believe that a modern home design often use soft neutral or natural color palettes. Yes, that’s true, but it is allowed if you want to do innovation by selecting non-neutral color schemes as your favorite contemporary paint colors. Bright and cheerful color palettes, for example, are even recognizable accent to your modern rooms.

Conversely, if you love simple appearance in your modern rooms, just limit the color palettes to only few key color schemes. These key colors will make the rooms clean and minimal. Warm tone colors are suggested to use because they are able to be more energizing and inviting. For serene atmosphere, just use cool color palettes. Whatever color schemes you’ve chosen, be sure that those colors keep simple. Mood and function will guide you where you should place the furniture and what décor you should apply.

Pictures below are some samples of contemporary paint colors selection for contemporary home designs. Just take a look.


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