Various Creative Cool Bar Stools Design

Do you have a bar or home bar? If you do, you must be smart to choose the best stools for you bar room. You should choose the coolest bar stool so that you bar room looks so perfect. There are so many bar stools design which various cool design that can decorate your wonderful bar. In this case, the writer would like to share about some coolest bar stools with many concepts and unique design.

One of the best and coolest bar stool has very unique and typical design. This bar stool has women legs design wearing high heels. You can see in the picture, there is some stools where some susters are sitting on them. This stool does not have back anyway. So, it just has round shape surface with black covering. This is unique because when someone is sitting one it, as if she or he is currently standing up.

The other cool bar stool has bottle cover design. This seems very modern design because it uses steel design for its legs. It has nice red round design and can be adjusted shorter or higher. It does not stop there, there is another cool stool concept with cup design. This seems very attractive with red and green surface color with steel single leg design. Moreover, it has a tiny back design as well. instead of stools made of steel, there is other bar stool which is made of wood as well. This wooden stool cannot be adjusted to be shorter or higher, because it is kind of still stool with four legs concept. The seat surface uses soft material, so it is still comfortable for sitting.

The last coolest bar stool has nice design which is made of plastic. This bar stool showed in the picture has orange coloring with four legs concept. It has no back as well and it cannot be adjusted shorter or higher. So, if you want the shorter one, you can have another same stool with different height.


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