Cool Bell Shaped Lamp Shades

Coffee table is main table in your living room and besides it, usually you will have side table near your living room cabinet or living room sofa. Side table is used as both storage place and decoration. You can put some books on your side table or table lamp to add living room lighting. Table lamp is always about lamp shades. Lamp shades will not only creating warm lighting sense, but also styling the lamp itself for room interior decor and design.

If you look closer to lamp shades, you will find out that it has bell shaped. That’s why some of them are called as bell shaped lamp shades. Cool bell shaped lamp shades that you can choose should based on its fabric, color, and also design. Lamp shades are created with special fabric which is indeed used for creating it. The fabric will decide how lighting will be look like, warm, lighter or darker. As same as color of lamp shades, it will make your table lamp lighting comes more interesting.

Design of lamp shades including shape and size has a lot of variation including pattern of its style. When you want to create luxury with classic taste, pretty lamp shades with pretty pattern is perfect. If you design your room with a theme, complete it with lamp shades that have same theme.

Idea of lamp shades are exist since long ago before 21st century and now they come with more options, not only classic style, but also modern and contemporary.


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