Wide Selection of Cool Bookshelves Design for Your Interior

How to treat your overloaded book collection at home? Of course, you cannot just throw them away because it is full of effort to get them in your list. It spends more than anything that you can afford each month, and of course you want to keep it as long as possible. Having a personal library at home is a plush for you as you can nerd by yourself without any disturbance. So, how to arrange the books perfectly? You can choose several best cool booshelves design below!

To give your interior design the best decoration, why don’t you play with the wall? Yeah, bookshelves on the wall is the most enchanting idea. it is not only functional to give your books storage, but it is also beneficial for fitting beautiful texture on it. In its full black color, the mounted bookshelves shaped in round is just so contrast with the white painted wall. One thing that you have to know, it will never waste anymore space!

The next design is truly gorgeous to see because it combines both art and rustic style. if you do have a waste wooden ladder in the warehouse, you can elevate the value by transforming the design into a cool bookshelf on the wall. It will line on the siding like a snake, and what you need to do is arranging the collection on every step of the ladder.

Meanwhile, shaping the bookshelves in wavery tone with mounted shelves on the wall becomes the next stunning idea. then, you are also recommended to have the one shaped in “READ” letter!

Reference: www.elledecor.com

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