Cool Hanging Lights – Creative Style for Multiple Choice

Lighting must be such important element in house interior in this current time. The brighter you apply the design, then the more glamor interior that you get. Just like style, it always changes time to time. If it used to be luxurious and popular to install chandelier, now pendant lamp or hanging lighting takes the highest level of biggest popularity. As there are so many designs of hanging lights, it is worthwile to show you the best cool hanging lamp ever for references. Here you go!

Creative and unique are words that best define a cool hanging light which is creatively made from wine glass. It is a diy hanging light idea that you can try at home. Square shaped wine glass is chosen for its elegant and modern look, with copper wire and black suspension controlling from up the ceiling, it burns every interior with sophisticated style!

The next one is not too far from the previous design. It appears with unique crafted shade which is made from recycled paper. It imitates chinese lantern with japanese style to craft the shade well. Although the lamp is ordinary, but it is touched with special treatment!

Chain or necklace hanging lamp is another best design that you must have to invade the interior with industrial look. The traditional rope used as the suspension as well as connector within one lamp to another brings you to enjoy the rustic look of industrial era. In addition, golden shade is kind of perfect choice to match the rope and the style taken!


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