Cool Interior Designs with Greens & Nature Surrounding

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I’m wondering what I’m feeling if I have a dream home with natural surroundings. It must be fresh, relaxing, and peaceful. Everywhere is green. Sometimes it would be better if we involve other natural elements like natural woods as one of the basic materials of home. The followings are some ideas of how the nature can be ideal element to create a moody, visually comfortable, and healthy atmosphere in home. These ideas also showcase the modern décor can work perfectly with the nature around the home. Join with us to see in more details.

Full-height glass windows can be the perfect media to showcase the beauty of nature around the house. In this décor idea, it’s clear to see that this modern living room offers amazing view through the glass windows. You can make your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed with the view. The interior also uses the natural element like wooden as the basic part of home, meaning that the designer wants to make this natural element existed in this interior of home.

This is the idea of modern interior décor with lot of green and nature surrounding. The glass wall panel is designed as the partition that separates the two areas, but it’s accessible to open when needed.

You can also make the greenery existed in your interior of home; by using the pots or planters is for the example. Like in this open space, the series of greenery is everywhere; we can see them on the shelves, sofa, and even in the corner of home. The greenery here of course offers the refreshing look to this white-dominated interior, so they make a beautiful contrast to the whole room.

Feel so airy and visually bright, but there’s something interesting on the ceilings. I find the vintage wood plank installation on the ceilings; the planks offer various color finishing to the top of this room, giving textural color to this part. I also really love the use of light wood and white finish in this room; they give light and comfortable look.

I think this bay window is potentially perfect for most stylish reading nook ever. Generally, the seat looks different in design; it’s a triangle bench seat with tufted cushion for extra-comfort; and the side bookshelves make us easier to grab the favorite books while we’re sitting on the bench. One more, the bay window also offers amazing view outside.

Modern interior décor is perfect to implement in this open space and it would be more stylish if we add some greenery to interior and exterior. That’s why we need ultra-huge glass windows to help exposing the green area outside. Frameless glass windows would be better for this.

So stylish and modern, it would be amazing if we have such amazing interior staircase. Wood element is used as the basic material. Clear glass railings and floating-like model really make the staircase so minimalist. So Inspiring.

Really love simple, clean, and minimalist? Maybe this idea is perfect for you. Finished in all-white and clear glass panels, this kitchen looks so bright and modern with nature exposure. It’s a good balance that totally showcases an ultra-modern decorating idea and nature highlight.

A skylight can also be a solution for airy and bright interior. It could be a stated part of ceiling that improves the home value. Most important point is that the skylight can be potentially media to save energy. Why? It makes the whole room fully soaked in natural light.

Rustic-modern is chosen for this loft and the result is so amazingly perfect. I love the way the designer puts a tree here because it gives natural vibe to this heavy-look interior. At least it offers something different and natural in this room.

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