Cool Outdoor Retreat Ideas For Homes

glass ceilings with wood beam supporters dramatic white curtains wood furniture set with gray cushion Pinterest

Nice porch, comfortable seating area or just hammock, and blossomming flowers of course are the elements that can transform your outdoor areas into a heaven. Complete the area – whether that is pavilion, terrace, cabana, or even porch – with the best cover to protect those spaces from bad weather like heat at the daylight and chilling air at night. By contrast, with this protection idea, you can still feel the fresh air in the morning.

Whether the idea you wanna take – an outdoor space to dine with friends or lovely family, a lounge area where you can enjoy the view, or just a nook for napping – these dreamy outdoor ideas show the coziest spots for relaxing and re-charging yourself with spectacular views around. Really expecting to see the ideas right now? Let’s take a look then.

Feel so warm being here. The building looks like a hut completed with string bulbs for romantic look. To provide coziest sitting area, the designer adds L-shaped sofa complete with throw pillows. A nice spot for having quality-time with the loved ones.

A front porch in large size. The space is divided into two sections: outdoor dining space and seating area. Each area has furnished with different pieces. The outdoor dining space just consists of wood dining table and bench seat, while the seating area is supported with some seat options. You’ll see a bit organic retreat on roofs, a sheet of dried seagrass cover that’s hugely effective to filter the sunlight.

Reclining chairs shaded with outdoor umbrella. Black-white stripes look fun and inviting, automatically adding a direct statement to your pool area.

Clean line and simple, really reflects modern style. Dark-neutral like black, gray, and earthy brown dominate the space, softly balance the outdoor’s bright tone due to a big amount of sunlight.

Screened porch furnished with modern furniture set. I really love the glass screen that allows us to enjoy the greens outside. Really refreshing and recharging our mind. Just imagine that you’ll always have fun and relaxing mornings with this wonderful view.

modern minimalist sitting area L shaped leather sofa in broken white built in table green grass bed ornate plants on concrete planters


Optimize your backyard with this comfy sitting area. With modern minimalist, this outdoor area seems nice to gather with. Add some ornate plants and well-maintained grass bed for gorgeous & fresh look. About the furniture choice, it’s up to you. L-shaped leather sofa and built-in table look good for such outdoor setting. Perfect.

Inspiring glass ceiling idea. It makes the space so bright but still in good protection from rain and heat of daylight’s ultraviolet. This ceiling also adds style, makes the space looks dramatic when white curtains complete it.

Semi-outdoor kitchen design with glass ceilings. It would be fantastic if you have a cocktail party in such place. Bright and full of light, such view will always be enjoyed even when raining.

Keep stunning in white. The color offers so many benefits; one of them is clean look. Complete your terrace with stylish yet comfy furniture set like this midcentury modern sofa and hairpin-leg coffee table.

Really love beach-style outdoor decorating idea? Maybe this one really meets your dream. The beach-style backyard is completed with super simple yet modern furniture set, glass shade, and dramatic white curtains. The most interesting is the furniture use; the chairs or sofa, especially, are made of bamboo for frame and white cushion & throw pillows. Being here feels like in heaven, right?

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