Cool & Stylish Desk Lamp Ideas, Make Your Nightstand Fancy with This

Fumi bedside lamp with gold tone base and blue shade Anthropologie

A bedside table won’t be complete without a table lamp, and right table lamp can be the best match as well as a direct statement of table and room. It also can be a centerpiece that really makes your bed looks more attractive. More than that, a perfect table lamp can be best solution for you who really like reading the books you’re dying to read. Lastly, a table lamp should meet your personal taste so it can represent your most current style. Well, the followings are some cool table lamps that can make your nightstand/ bedside table glow up. Let’s take a look.

Fumi bedside lamp with gold tone base and blue shade


Fumi bedside lamp – a simple curve gold-base lamp, of course, can add elegance. The shade is available in three color options: blue, pink, and white. This kind of lamp can produce a dimmer yet warm light effect – a perfect choice for bedroom.

Kira bedside lamp is designed for industrial look. This product is unique with heavy metal stand but it is paired with lantern-like shade. The resulted light is soft and warm feel, and of course natural. It’s good for reading.

If you’re looking for a modern and cool table lamp for your bedside table, maybe this one will be best choice. Rivet gold lamp has a tripod-like leg and simply white lampshade. All legs are finished in satin gold – giving exclusive look, while a line lampshade definitely gives warm and classic look – suitable for any bedroom styles.

Unique! This table lamp is supported by wood base formed in geometric. Overall, it’s simple yet striking. You’ve just given a little bit touch of modern farmhouse style.

Black-white – a boring color combination, so many people say this, but this would be the most stunning one if you do the combination rightly like this Edith ceramic table lamp. The base consists of a brilliant combination of iron, ceramic, and bras – it makes you so sure about the safety and durability. Overall design always meets the current trend.

If you love something unique and out-of-the-box, Caldas bedside lamp looks great for you. The design is inspired by Brazilian midcentury modern with solid wood material for base. The base itself mimics the particular sculpture.

Wallin bedside lamp reflects simplicity, but it looks attractive with wood-ceramic base. The designer says that this product is simply inspired from Nordic style that obviously focuses on brilliant blend of chic and modern charm. This kind of lighting fixture, of course, will automatically update your bedroom, removing other decorative pieces to seize highest level of sophistication.

Add fun piece to your nightstand like this floating table lamp. It’s unique because it’s revealing a cool 3D-printed lighting fixture you can put on top of your nightstand. Visually, it is really awesome and can bring aesthetic look. To save the space of nightstand, this floating table lamp can also be a hanging piece. Sound interesting.

Really cool and modern. Jaydon lighting fixture presents classy gold finish with spherical bulb. Its perfect illumination makes this product suits for working/ studying desk where you need ideal brightness to do your job-list.

Cohasset Dipped desk lamp – pink and purple ceramic base surely makes the overall design cool and stylish to any spaces. The light effect brings colors to whole room space, and its neutral lampshade perfectly gives a cozy and warm ambiance, as good as amount of light produced by this desk lamp.

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