Cork Floor In Bathroom: Eco Friendly and Durable Bathroom Flooring

Do you know the cork floor? Yeah, it is a kind of floor material that will provide you various colors and patterns so that it can adorn your home flooring area. However, the cork floor is not a new product of flooring as it has been used in for a long time ago. But for sure, it can be perfect flooring for your bathroom idea.

So, what are the benefits that you can get by decorating it in your bathroom? First, this floor is eco friendly and renewed, so it will safe for environment. In addition, it also presents stylish and affectionate designs which fit well for both modern and traditional bathroom styles.

The second reason is that it has a good durability and mold resistance, so it is a good choice as an alternative for laminate floors. Yet, although it has a good durability, it can get some damages or dents on its surface if it is dropped with a heavy object.

There are several tips for you before installing cork floor in bathroom. First, measure the size of your bathroom space that you want to install cork floor by multiplying the width and length of the bathroom. Thus, you will get the size of the floor in square footage.

Then, you can decide to buy the cork tiles based on the previous measurement. As there are various colors and patterns, you need to decide which one that suits your bathroom style. The cork floor is also available in two styles, those are tile and planks.

For the installation, it is better for you to ask for a help from professionals or experienced DIYers so you can get a neat and best installation resukt of cork floor.


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