The Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring that You Should Know

Some people choose installing cork flooring from their home as it is very easy to clean and maintain, but you have to know the pros and cons of installing cork flooring before deciding to install it.

However, cork flooring is only suitable for some rooms and installation. For example, installing cork flooring in a specific room will present stunning visualization and add the value of home decoration. Yet, you need to know the characteristic of cork floor before you install it in that room.

As mentioned before, the cork flooring has some pros and cons of its installation. The pros of cork flooring is that the material which is soft so that people who step their feet on it feel pleasant and delight. They will realize that the flooring is neither wood or vinyl, but it look like the combination of both of them.

Another pro of cork flooring is that it provides a good protection in case kids or elderly accidentally fall. Yeah, the cork floor has a soft material surface. Thus, this cork flooring is suitable to be installed in children’s room so that they can play in their room cheerfully without being afraid of falling on hard surface that may cause an injury.

Moreover, cork flooring surface can be refinished easily so that the color’s imperfection of the flooring surface can be covered. Another benefit is that you can also get fresh appearance from it.

Let’s discuss the cons of cork flooring. Well, this surface of this flooring is easy to be scratched. So, it is seemingly not a good flooring material for you who wish prefect flooring. Then, if you have a pet, its nails can scratch it easily. In addition, as it is made from soft raw material, this cork floor is relatively easy to get some damage caused by any sharp object.


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