Corner Decoration Ideas

Decorating the corner space often becomes one of challenges you must overcome. You have to integrate the corner space into the home design. The corner space remains empty and it creates a waste of space. Actually, there are many ways of decorating the corner space. Here are attractive corner decoration ideas you may adopt to your home.

Shelves as one of corner decoration ideas look so great and functional. And floating shelves become the most favorite one to place at the room’s corner. These shelves are used as the display area of books or decorative items as well a practical component. Second idea is a corner writing desk. Different to shelves, this series of furniture is bigger so it is recommended to be placed in larger room’s corner. The desk and chair placed in the corner supported by the glass windows on the both sides appear so perfect to the room.

Third corner decoration idea is a reading corner. This is great idea, especially for you who love reading so much. Just remember to support the spot with plenty of light. You can add a particular reading light fixture to make you feel comfortable when reading your favorite book collections. TV cabinet is not bad to consider to be placed as the corner decorative furniture. Even more, with placing a TV cabinet on room’s corner, you are allowed to watch your TV from two angles.

A fireplace and home library are other recommended corner decoration ideas for beautifying your rooms’ corners. A fireplace lets us feel cozier, while a home library proves that we can use the corner practically. Be sure that we have to set up the book shelves perfectly good. The cabinet, bench, ultra-size standing lamp, and wall art are other series of decorations for the corners. Just select one you love the most and see the difference. Let’s try it out.


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