Awesome Design of Craftsman Style House

You are intending to buy a new house, but you are so upset and confused and need some ideas. Do not worry, through this post the writer would like to help you to find you favorite house. However, in the special post we are going to discuss about craftsman house only. Why craftsman? Because this house is kind of perfect choice for you who already have a modern house, so the writer suggests a craftsman house.

There are so many model and design of craftsman houses that you can choose. This article only shows you some of the best sample of craftsman houses. Let us see the sample in the pictures. There is a nice craftsman house which has adorable grey outside wall accent. This craftsman house seems very fantastic with wonderful front field garden. The house seems using two concept, which are concrete concept and wooden concept. Some of the craftsman houses have garages for car storage.

Craftsman Houses Adorable Garden

This craftsman houses mostly have adorable garden and large field. In addition, some of those houses have various unique fire place by the way, it can be seen from the outside that it has a large and big chimney. For the roofing concept, it has normal concept just like the other houses in the city have. Some of the houses have two stories house design. These house also have many windows design with wonderful creative design. The craftsman house is mostly built at faraway place. As you can see in the picture, there is a nice house which is made of wood and it is built around forest. Furthermore, the house is very adorable when it is covered by snow. Well, those are some samples for now, you choose the best one that becomes your favorite.

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