Create The Most Impressive Wall Treatment just With These Trendiest Wallpaper Ideas

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It has been long time that wallpaper is included as one of important parts in home treatment. There are so many options of wallpaper for your home and you can mix and match based on your personal taste and preference.

The latest wallpaper trends offer much significant transformation to any rooms, and they also make either the homeowner or the guests feel very welcomed during visiting. So, just select the most favorite one that effectively creates a good mood and positive vibe you. And here are some best ideas of trendy wallpaper you may want to apply in your home. Let’s start to get inspired.

Get elegant with textural monochrome. Monochrome flower wallpaper evokes calm and neutral look, so it can be combined with any interior items, including such glass hall console. Add a houseplant for a fresh living accent.

Here, the wallpaper becomes the background the traditional furnishing pieces, including the bed, by using the design that highlights the vertical motifs. These motifs are inspired from Middle East and the color used is the neutral, making the whole pieces of furniture stand out and look very obvious, particularly the yellow ones.

Add a little bit glam to your bedroom by choosing light & neutral wallpaper accented by gloss silver flower motifs. Contrast it with solid black wall accessories such as this frame and wall-mounted lamp.

Floral is always stunning for any rooms, and it can give relaxing effect for everyone, so it’s not surprising if most interior designers really recommend it for most private nook, including the bedroom. If you like the classic motifs, I recommended the classic floral for your next wallpaper project. It offers a feminine look and easily adapt to any palettes. Look at this bedroom setting; the chosen wallpaper’s able to blend with the vintage style. The combination triggers creating a glance of dusty floral. And amazingly the wallpaper has shown a contemporary touch just through its bold blooming flowers.

The wallpaper displays the simplest horizontal patterns with light-neutral palette. It looks muted but starts stunning when featured with white door’s frame. Interestingly, the wallpaper magically adds adorable effect for the area next door, it looks much more well-lighted, so the whole objects in room can be obviously seen.

It must be fun if you be out of box. For a unique look, it’s better to use whimsical wallpapers like butterflies, birds, or other designs that reflect your personal interest. By mixing a neutral wallpaper and wood element, the space tends to be visually warmer.

It’s too ‘crowded’ yet stunning. It’s okay to try something challenging by selecting the ‘busy’ and bold-toned wallpaper for small room. Yes, the space will look smaller, but with wall mirror addition, the room size will be visually larger. To create a balance setting, I recommend adding the dark baseboard and contrasting it with a purely white freestanding sink.

The wall is actually coated with wood plank-like wallpaper. Visually, it looks like the real wood planks and it’s able to give a perfect woodland effect. The designer amazingly puts Scandinav details through the use of pop of colors for adding an interesting twist.

Create your own sky and cloud in your bedroom, and use gray for the best visual effect of clouds. You may apply this wallpaper in whole ceilings and walls, including your bay window. Add the lighter element (like this carpeting idea) for more balance space. A star-shaped ceiling lamp here also serves a quite interesting accent.

Teardrops wallpaper idea. The motifs simply attract everyone’s eyes. Some pop of colors (bold green and orange here) performs contrasting look in vintage design, and the silver finishing (on the side table) doesn’t only reflect the modernity, but also unique style. All elements here, if I may say, present the latest trend.

What is your feeling if you find such adorable wallpaper in your bedroom? I really sure you won’t go anywhere unless just staying here all day long. Fill your most private nook with such fun color  wallpaper, and keep it balance with brightly white bedding treatment. It’s okay to include oceanic blue bedside table for a fresher nuance. Don’t forget to add your favorite painting for ‘distracting’ your fun wallpaper.

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