Creative and Unique Coat Racks

Are you bored with your ordinary racks? Do you need racks that are extra ordinary and creative to suit your room? Then, you should check this list of creative and unique coat racks. You might find one that fits your room settings.

The first is the coat rack single as part of the Pipework Series. Its design challenge the perception of industrial scenery. The Tara Industrial Steel Pipe Coat also gives industrial design that works well in a casual living space. It is made from steel covered completely with plasticized rubber. You can choose different model like the Faucet Coat Racks design. It is almost similar with pipe coat. The difference is in the racks. While the pipe coat rack is in horizontal form, the faucet coat rack is in squares form.

The second is the Leather Belt Coat Racks. The leather belt design supports the modern room settings. The next is grapple hook coat racks with anchor design. It is very creative and unique as a coat racks. Besides, it can be placed both indoor and outdoor. You can also reuse and remodel furniture for a coat racks. For example, you can change old wooden skis, and make it hang on the wall or change it into coat rack stands.

Another creative and unique coat racks are tree coat rack design and droplets coat rack design. The tree coat rack is made from tree materials. You can use reclaimed root or entwined root for it. Whereas, the droplets coat rack design is very creative because the design is suitable for the function of the coat rack, in which when it rains, you will put the coat on the rack. For the other creative and unique coat racks, you can see some pictures below.

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