Creative Wall Divider for Your House from IKEA

If you want to maximize your room, you can use a ‘wall’ divider. You can also use it to separate the seating area from the bedroom, or to get some privacy for your living room. The wall dividers can be in the form of bookcases, cabinets, room dividers, shelving unit, or screens. IKEA has various great products for wall dividers. Some of the IKEA wall dividers are the RISOR room divider, MANDAL headboard, and the IKEA Bookcases.

The RISOR room divider is made of solid wood with durable and warm natural material. The main parts are the solid pine with clear acrylic lacquer, while the filling material is polypropylene. It is very practical to be used as a room divider or screen. Besides, it is easy to fold and store away. You can clean it using a damp cloth and a mild clear.

For the MANDAL headboard, you need more than one headboard and you should place it vertically if you want to use it as a wall divider. It is made of solid birch with clear acrylic lacquer. It also combined with adjustable shelves, which is made of fiberboard and acrylic paint.

Whereas, the IKEA bookcases is another example of IKEA wall divider that will offer privacy, but it does not enclose the space completely. The bookcases will create a barrier between the two areas, but it will not separate them completely. It is very simple and practical. This is one of the best ideas when you want to redecorating a space with a bookcase as a wall divider.


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