Creative Ways to Upcycle The Abandoned Oil Drums Optimally by Trying Out These Inspiring DIY Oil Drum Furniture Ideas

DIY oil drum bedside table in black a pile of books brick wallpapers wood floors Pinterest

It’s amazing to see that we actually have creativity and skill to produce something useful and visually interesting simply from abandon, unattractive, and rejected objects. With little mastery and tool assistance, new DIY products arise. Oil barrel, for example, can be transformed into incredible pieces of furniture like chairs, coffee table, bedside tables, and even storage units. Well, to see those ideas in more details, let’s check this page out.

Never run out the idea; your abandoned oil drums can be upcycled into such a gorgeous outdoor furniture set. You just need to cut out some parts of drum then add wood panels to chairs’ seater and table’s top. The angled metal legs are suggested to make those chairs firmly stand.

What a brilliant idea! An oil barrel coffee table simply adds personal style to your living room. I love the matte black finished all over the table’s body; the color gives elegant and masculine look. It’s also interesting to keep the original things of drum for an authentic feel.

Different with the previous idea, this oil drum coffee table looks more natural with its wooden top; and the color can be a potentially stated accent to any living rooms.

Painted in sweet pink, the oil drum looks so stunning and can spice up any corners of home. Maybe this creative piece of furniture is the simplest and easiest one to make; you just do nothing but merely colorize it in any colors you love the most.

So creative – a gallon drum bathroom vanity idea. It’s incredible to add this DIY piece to your bathroom. Of course, this would be a focal point as well as a functional piece you need when going to the bathroom. White finish is chosen to create a clean and bright look to your bathroom.

Beautiful oil drum furniture you can adopt for your urban-style home. Look at the design, it’s so wonderful. Just a person with high skill and good tools who can produce this furniture set. The red color is also a perfect choice for a beauty maker.

It just needs some additional things to get such a creative and functional storage idea. I love how the storage drum reveals the storage space (the shelving units). The inner part of oil drum consists of the shelving options you can use for storing and organizing your favorite things like books.

Add new style to your music corner by furnishing the space with this DIY gallon oil side table. Or maybe you can make a perfect collaboration of such a creative table with your vintage vinyl player. It must be a great collab!

Trendy, creative, and fabulous – an oil drum bedside table made manually by high-skilled artist. Seen from the color choice, the bedside table fits any industrial bedrooms, especially those with minimalist and clutter-free layout idea.

Physical design, color choice, and cushion are the key elements that make these chairs overstated. I may say that the colors, both the chairs’ and cushion’s colors, are able to pop up the chairs.

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