Dark Richness, 10 Finds of Elegant Black Home Office Ideas

half way black half way white wall black working desk copper working chair copper framed wall mirror in round shape copper finish table lamp Pinterest

Black means elegance and luxury. Black is also a great ‘canvas’ for all furniture pieces and accesories you want to add. It can also blend perfectly with any kinds of color hues, starting from the lightest to boldest ones. The most favorite thing about blacks is it’s timeless and never goes out of date.

It’s challenging if you are courageous to choose black as the basic hue for your home office. Starting from the walls, you can make it as a stated backdrop for the chosen interior pieces such as furniture, accessories, ornaments, and even house plants (or greenery), but if you’re not really sure about this, it’s fine to use black as the secondary color. Here, we have ten best collections of black for home office. Hopefully this will be best answer for your curiosity about this case.

Black is just the color accent. The designer picks black and white for monochrome concept, but black is just in little portion. Overall, the space is clean look, suiting a minimalist style. Potted greenery obviously adds a vivid focal point, but it doesn’t bring too much beauty effect to the space; just a bit fresher.

Still about minimal look. The wall is half-way white and black, displaying a good balance. Copper finish here visually adds ultimate luxury that elevates the whole space.

Black always blends with any other dark hues like dark wood and black metal. The combination creates an industrial style as clearly described in this picture. The black wall is creatively used as the studio where lots of notes, photographs, and schedules are pinned onto.

Ultra minimalist with light black. It can be an instant idea to build a simple yet comfy home office. The desk tends to be in inner space, seeming like in a huge shelf with a light fixture on top. This idea is genius to save the space, so it’s recommended to you who need a small-comfy home office.

Modern workspace in black. The space is actually a huge recessed space filled with open shelves on top and an underlying desk to work. So practical, isn’t?

Admittedly awesome, a private workspace filled with clean-look black walls and textural wood pallet in the center. The idea allows us to use the organic materials like wood in the middle of modern home design, particularly Scandinavian home design.

A few years ago, chalkboard is uninteresting and unappealing but now you can elevate your private workspace with this kind of black board. It can transform into the most appealing one by featuring it with simple and modern furniture & shelving unit. White floating desk and hanging book shelves are the chosen pieces to complement this magic board.

Rustic workspace design. Although dominated by dark hues like black, deep gray, metallic, and hardwood, this workspace looks cozy and stylish. Obviously, it’s also masculine.

Stunning home office highlighted with wicker chairs and light wood desk & shelves. This is a perfect idea to create a beautiful contrast of applied colors. Clean look and modern are becoming the ultimate features in this small home office.

Cool contemporary home office with dark, rustic, and textural richness. It’s so elegant with stainless steel addition as we’ve found in table lamp. Wood sculptures, in addition, are so artsy, giving more elegance to this space.

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