Living Room with Dark Wood Floors

Need to have different change for your living room? You should try to have dark wood floors. Light wood of floor is common floor for every room, but surely dark wood floors will give special accent. Dark wood floors are very useful to light up your room interior design, especially your living room furniture and wall design. That’s why when you have dark wood floor in your living room, you should choose living room furniture with colorful color and light color design to your living room painting.

There are some ways to mix and match your dark wood floors with other elements in your living room, so you will have good contrast and balance design of living room interior. Just like previous explanation, it is better to have light color living room wall to create big room visual view. Other things that you have to do to get color scheme with your dark wood floors are choosing good curtains or shades for your living room window. Nice color of curtains and shades will give you nice view reflection.

Make your wall looks rich by decorating it with living room furniture. The living room accessories with light up your living room design, so it will not look too empty. So when you have dark wood floors, it will be okay to use wooden furniture too?

The answer is yes but with one notice, choose light wooden color of the furniture, it will make natural design style comes to your living room. Living room with dark wood floors are not difficult things to handle, but it is your living room surplus.

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