Rules of Decorating Interior Designs for Small Homes

It is fact that recent home buildings will be smaller in space as limited space of living, especially in busy towns or cities. Actually you can do some tricky things to enlarge your small home visually. If you are going to decorate your small home, here are some rules as well tips of decorating interior designs for small homes.

Use light color interior furniture with simple lines is the first rule if you want to make your small home more comfortable and more space. The old dark table/ coffee table, for instance, can be replaced with lighter one. It’ll look more cohesive. Tiny legs-furniture is also able to create the visual effect of wider free space for a room. Lighter colors are less visual weight, so they allow the space of room to look larger. Table or coffee table in metal or glass also helps to allow visual effect of less visual space.

Second rule of decorating interior designs for small homes is by selecting lighter scheme coloring for small room. Neutral scheme colors combined lighter green and blue become a smart idea to create an illusion of larger space. Cool colors will make the appearance of larger space. Colorize the room with bright colors as the special accent of room. These bright colors can be applied on decorative pillows or rug. But if you love to apply monochromatic colors (black and white colors), that will be okay. Just add lighter tone color as the third color in your room. Lighter natural brown in wood floors, for instance, is a great choice.

Built-in storage and multi-functional furniture are next rule of how to decorate interior designs for small homes perfectly. It is obviously true that built-in storage is the best solution of saving space. So does multi-functional furniture. They will work optimally as the space saver if they are finished in lighter tone colors. Actually, there are still many more of rules of how to decorate small homes. To give clearer descriptions, just check the following pictures out.


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