Creative and Decorative Birdhouses for Your Backyard

A birdhouse may become the perfect choice as a natural decoration to match your garden. It is a common accessory to backyard décor. You will attract some cute and small birds by putting it in your back yard, or you can use it for your own pet bird. Although it is enough to enhance your outdoor birdspace with the decorative beauty of a birdhouse, making or selecting decorative birdhouse also depends on several factors such as climate, the species of birds, and your personal taste. You can find or make one that compliment your backyard décor or paint it to match the color of your home. Even, you can make a birdhouse that is totally strange to offer humor and whimsy for your backyard. In addition, the birdhouse should have proper drainage and ventilation. The way to place your decorative birdhouse may vary because it depends on what type of your pet bird or the birds that you are trying to attract. Also, you should place the entrance hole of the birdhouse to face away from prevailing winds and rain.

Not everybody would like to have a bunch of birds in the yard, but for those who do, here are some examples of decorative birdhouses. All of them are made from wood. For a very natural looking birdhouse, you can make it from a hollow log because some birds prefer this hollow log birdhouse. The Rustic Birdhouse can also harmonized with natural environment that blends in with colors and texture. If you want to add humor to your back yard, you can place the Face Birdhouse that has a wacky face of the design.


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