Deep Cleaning Hardwood Floors to Get Shiny and Clean Floor

It is no longer a secret that the hardwood floor looks gorgeous to be installed in your house. Its sleek and chic surfaces are only a few reasons why people choose this floor as their flooring ideas. But, the high traffic in your home makes your hardwood floor gets a lot of dirt. Thus, you need to perform deep cleaning hardwood floors to get shiny and clean hardwood floors as you wish.

There are several methods of performing deep cleaning hardwood floors such as mopping, vacuuming and using a liquid cleaning product such as vinegar.

Here are several tips for you how to clean hardwood effectively so that the dirt and stains will go away from your hardwood floors. Firstly, you need to know the type of your hardwood floors before you clean it as the different hardwood types may have the different method to clean it. You have to get a proper cleaning product for your hardwood floors as a wrong product can fade its finishing.

For example, you can use a soft microfiber dusting pad that is useful for getting rid of any dusts and dirt on the surface of your hardwood floor. A vacuum cleaner is also useful for cleaning the baseboard from any dust staying on its surface.

Then, remove all of traces of stuff on the surface of the hardwood floor so that you can clean the entire surface easily. Next, use a microfiber dusting pad to clean up and eliminate the dust on its surface. Be careful in removing the dust to prevent the hardwood surface from scratches.

After that, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt from hidden place such as in the space between the floor and baseboard. Then, use a hardwood floor cleaning product which contains wax to give a shiny effect to your hardwood floor. You may use a spray bottle and start to clean it up.


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