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Beige Wall White Cabinets With Black Granite Counter Metal Undermount Sink White Upper Cupboard Cream Bifold Framed Grey Facade White Ceiling Beige Window Shade Unique Red Soap Dispenser
Grey Tiled Wall White Kitchen Pass Through Border Black Sliding Glass Window Frame Wood Beamed Ceiling White Upper Cabinets White Cabinets White Framed Window Grey White Patterned Chair
Brick Patio Flooring Wood Orange Stools Wood Exterior Wall Glass Patio Door With Wood Frame Brown Counter Metal Undermount Sink Wood Framed Folded Window White Sconce Oval Wood Dining Table
White Bifold Window White Pass Through Frame Metallic Pendant Lamp White Counter Metal Undermount Sink White Ceiling Beige Wood Outdoor Wall White Wall Grey Kitchen Wall Downlights Grey Ceiling Fan
Grey Metal Stools Wood Wall Unique Bell Like Black Pendant Lamps Rustic Wood Upper Cabinet White Marmer Counter Wood Kitchen Pass Through White Wood Wall
Black Stools With Frey Cushions Hardwood Flooring White Wall Downlights Grey Counter White Vase White Upper Cabinet White Diagonal Tiled Backsplash White Doow Grey Kitchen Wall
Rattan Stools White Wall Downlights White Ceiling Grey Marmer Counter White Cabinet White Upper Cupboard White Framed Kitchen Pass Trhough White Tiled Flooring
Wood Round Table White Sofa White Wall White Door White Floor Lamp White Blue Curtain Turquoise Kitchen Wall Blue White Striped Curtain Pale Blue Console Chairs White Pillows Pale Blue Unqiue Vase
Metal Stools With Grey Seat White Wood Outdoor Wall With Turquoise Trim Wood Like Tiled Flooring Dark Blue Framed Kitchen Pass Through Wood Upper Cabinets Grey Granite Counter
Wood Stools Beige Carpet Flooring Wood Bifold Windows Laminate Wood Counter Wood Door Yellow Kitchen Wall Wood Cabinets Wood Upper Cabinets Double Metal Sinks White Wall Brown Ceramic Tiled Flooring

Kitchen pass-through functions as an easier way to pass the meal from kitchen to formal dining room and to hide the untidy kitchen from the guests during the old times. The pass-through is still used nowadays, but it has a different function. It is used to break the outdoor and indoor border, so there will be a smooth transition between the kitchen and the outdoor dining. The kitchen pass-through has several benefits, but you had better to know how to install it first.

Because the pass-through will become the alfresco, you need to create a wide window more than usual window. It will be difficult if your kitchen does not have an existing window for the pass-through. You should check the load bearing before decide to make one, and later you need to hire a professional builder to install the window. The width of the window depends on the stools that you try to bring, but at least, you need to provide space for about 30 inches for each person.

It allows the person to have a comfortable dining without clashing other elbows. Moreover, choose bifold windows because they are the most suitable window for the pass-through. The bifold windows can be opened fully without disturbing your view. Do not forget to place cabinet and counter that are waterproof and strong because they face with the outside world directly.

The kitchen with pass-through gives a spacious feel for your kitchen. In addition, it can make your family closer because the cook can also have a conversation with the people in the outside entertainment area and it is easier to bring the food and drink to the dining space.


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