4 Important Things To Design A Reading Nook

Every person has their own way to spend their leisure time. Some people may choose to spend their time to go for a holiday in a fancy hotel, and some people may choose to stay at their home to “eat” their unfinished book while drinking refreshing peppermint tea. Since you deserve a dedicated space to read your favorite book, designing a reading nook is a must. Here are 4 important things you should know before designing a reading nook.

1. Choosing a chair
Without having a nice seating area, you will not be able to have a cozy reading nook. Whether it is leather or cotton, make sure that the chair is comfortable enough to support your body while reading your thick book for more than ours.

2. Book Shelve
An intense reader needs organized book storage so that they can keep the favorite book in organized way. From wall mounted shelve to small cabinet; make sure that it is located near your seating so that it will be reachable.

3. Table
Table is very essential to hold your favorite beverage because it is impossible to hold your book and the drink at the same time. Therefore, you need a small table that can be used as decorative element.

4. Lighting
Light is very essential because it helps you to make the reading activity clearer. You can place a small desk lamp to read at night and large window style to read during the daylight.

Reference: ebookfriendly.com

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