Creating Distressed Wood Cabinets only with Paint and Wax

Distressed wood cabinets have been popular in recent years. There is no particular technique to create the distressed wood cabinets. The steps of creating such aged finish are simple and easy. Even more, you can try them at home. The aged look of cabinets adds highly modern elegance to the kitchen. If you are interesting in having cabinets with an old look, here we’ll share some simple steps of creating distressed wood cabinets.

Please prepare these materials first before starting the steps of creating distressed wood cabinets. The materials needed consist of clean and dry cloth, wood cabinets, chalky paint in umbured white and pale grayed blue, paint brusher, pine wax, and steel wool (coarse and fine).

Let’s start the steps. First, clean the wood cabinets by using clean and dry cloth. Second, coat the cabinets with base paint. Third, apply chalky pale grayed blue paint with stroke directions based on the wood grain. For the center, use up and down stroke technique. Some particular areas are brushed light and heavy color tones.

Fourth, brush umbered white paint. Do this step by using similar method to the third step. Then, let it dries naturally. Fifth, give pine wax coat to large surfaces and use the fine steel wool to coat the wax in smaller areas. Let the chalk paint absorbs the wax. The wax can be waterproof protector. The last step, rub the cabinets’ top by using the coarse steel wool. This step is meant to remove the wax and paint. Clean the cabinets by using clean and dry cloth to get beautiful sheen. It is so simple, right? Now, you can practice the steps of creating distressed wood cabinets and let’s see the result.


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