Make Your Own Bedding

If you are in hurry to makeover your bed but you don’t have enough budget to buy some stuffs, then it is a perfect time to make your own bedding. Customize your bed with your own style by designing it with your own creation. You can use any fabric material and designed it as your bed sheet or your pillow cover. Let’s follow the step bellow for the perfect result.

Prepare everything that you need like fabric, tools, and make a clear list of your bedding elements. It is kind of DIY do-it-yourself project, so you must be as creative as possible. Choose theme. Think what kind of theme style that you want to bring to your bedroom. If you choose simple and elegant style, then prepare all fabric with simple design too like white color or combination with many colors.

Next thing that you need to do is starting to measure your pillow size, bed size, cut the fabric or even sew them. Don’t be too afraid if you don’t have nay skill to sew, sewing basic material for bed sheet or pillows cover is quiet easy for beginner. If you still need help, you can search some tutorial to make a good bedding. You can find the tutorial very easy on the internet.

Bedding should not be perfect on its looks or appearance. The most important thing is you can feel very comfortable to do your activities on your bed with your own bedding design. Nice activities can be found from your nice sleep, and nice sleep can be considered from the way you do your bed.


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